* To open: ctrl + alt + ~, and then once you've done that set com_allowconsole 1 so you dont need ctrl-alt next time
* Typing the beginning of a command and pressing TAB will autocomplete, or show all the commands that start with those letters.
* Pressing the up and down arrows on your keyboard will scroll through text already typed into the console.
* Pressing page up and page down will skip entire pages, combine these with ctrl to go to the very top or bottom of the console.

Important commands:
* cg_kickscale 0 -- this makes it so your screen doesn't shake when you get hit.
* cg_bob 0 -- this makes it so your screen stays stable while running, jumping, falling etc...
* cg_noprojectiletrail 1 -- this removes smoke from rockets and grenades
* r_dynamiclight "0" -- a recent update disabled vertex lighting. Use this to remove rocket flash, etc.
* cg_leveltimerdirection -- 1 makes the timer (or game clock) count down (default), 0 makes it count up
* cg_truelightning -- 1 makes the lightning beam perfectly stiff, 0 makes it loose, you can set the amount of stiffness to any value between 0 and 1
* cg_newWeaponBar -- 1 shows them constantly on the left + ammo values (new), 0 shows weapons above health and armor when switching (old)
* cg_switchOnEmpty -- 1 makes you switch to the next gun automatically when you run out of ammo
* cl_currentserveraddress -- gives the ip address of the server

If you want a quieter model/teammates, but bright and noisy enemies, try these settings:
* seta model "bitterman"
* seta cg_forceTeamModel "bitterman"
* seta cg_forceEnemyModel "keel/bright" (model/skin)
/bright skins will currently only work for visor, crash, keel and tankjr
Every model also has /red and /blue (for their red and blue coloured outfits)
You don't have to specify a skin, e.g. cg_forceTeamModel "bitterman", doing this will give the model the default outfit.
Change your models to your personal preference!

New binds:
* togglechathistory -- toggles the chat history.
* readyup -- a certain amount of people need to ready up before the game starts...
* dropflag -- drops the flag you're carrying (to give it to a teammate in certain situations)
* dropweapon -- drops your current weapon (to give it to a teammate in certain situations)

Game folders:
* Linux: /home/%username%/.quakelive/quakelive/home/baseq3/
* XP - %appdata%\id Software\quakelive\home\baseq3\  copy to run command or addressbar in explorer.
* Win 7 - %APPDATA%\..\LocalLow\id Software\quakelive\home\baseq3\
* You will need to get into Folder Options/View and make sure you have "Show hidden files and folders" checked.
* While you are there, uncheck: "Hide extensions for known file types".
Play demos by pulling down the console and typing the demo name ie: /demo demo0000

CFGs: ...\id Software\quakelive\home\baseq3\
Once you have things set up the way you want, and your binds the way you want them, write a config: /writeconfig myconfig
Then if your settings get lost somehow, you can /exec myconfig and it will restore them. I like to have my config able to completely
restore all settings after a wipe. That way you can try out different stuff and go back very easily.

Resetting your configs; /cvar_restart in the console. Delete qzconfig and repconfig.

Colors for /name, /say etc.
^1 - Red
^2 - Green
^3 - Yellow
^4 - Blue
^5 - Cyan
^6 - Magenta
^7 - White
^^0 - Black //black letters will be preceded by the extra ^
e.g. /name "^3John ^1Doe" will make the name "John Doe" (with John being yellow, Doe being red

-- Thanks to Dem0n, and LLL`impulse for editing